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Car Tuning "Door conversions - "open and shut case"."

Why stick with the standard doors when there are so many door conversions open to you (if you pardon the pun). Here are the pros and cons of the Lambo or scissor door, suicide door and gullwing door conversions. Kits are available for just about every popular type of car and there are also many universal fitting kits available.
Many companies offer a fitting service but which door conversion kit is right for you? Most kits require cutting of the interior wing and a small amount of spraying so you need to be reasonable confident if you decide to go for a DIY fit and you should add a door conversion before you do other paint and bodywork as these may need touching up after the door conversion is fitted.

This must rate as on of the coolest styling additions available for your car. Now pretty much any car can have lambo style lift up doors. We think this is an excellent product and will really make your car stand out.

Lambo Doors or vertical lift doors.
Lambo style or vertical doors typically pull out a little like ordinary doors then they lift up over the roof line like someone doing the butterfly stroke. Different kits are available and some allow the door to go completely vertical and others give the option of a fairly normal pull open to 60-75 degrees as well as swinging upwards. The kits need to be matched to the weight of the door (otherwise it will fall on you as you get in) and also the amount of width available in the door hinge area.

Lambo doors can be hard to close from a seated position so thought has to be given to the handles. Drop handles will make this easier or you go for the very impressive electronic opening and closing lambo doors. Lambo doors are not practical on the rear doors of a 4 door car as the rear doors will swing up and over obscuring the front door. You could have Lambo doors on the front and suicide doors RX8 style on the rear with a little imagination.

Suicide doors.
These take the hinge to the other side of the door. They are called suicide doors because they open behind you exposing you fully to oncoming trafficwheras a conventional door opens between you and on coming traffic.

Suicide doors are relatively straightforward to live with but you will find yourself reaching for the wrong side of the door when using other peoples cars which can look a little strange.

Gullwing doors.
The hinge of these doors is at the top of the door and the door swings out and upward must like the wings of a bird in flight. These doors look as impressive as Lambo style doors and have not become as popular. This style of door was made popular in the Delorean of Back to the Future fame.

One thing to bear in mind with this is that the doors require a slightly wider opening space so if you parked in a car park and the cars either side of you parked too close you'd be unable to get into your car. Probably best not to fit these on your supermarket run car!

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